CES 2011: Kinect Sells 8 Million Units in 2 Months

January 6, 2011, By Christian Davis

Microsoft’s venture into motion control has proven to be very profitable. The hands free motion tracking camera has sold 8 million units in 60 days after it’s November 2010 launch says Microsoft Boss, Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft had initially said they wanted to sell 5 million units by the 2010’s which was surpassed and nearly doubled. It seems that the Kinect was highly anticipated after all.

At the CES 2011 press conference, Ballmer stated that Kinect was part of Microsoft’s strategy  of taking “Big Bets” on new technology. He went on to state that the Xbox 360 was the “front and center” of the social revolution.

Microsoft is very proud of their sales for Kinect’s debut and with the annoucement of Avatar Kinect and a slue of other games on the way, it already appears to be ahead of the pack.

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