Dexim iPad 2 Case Arrives at CES; Hints at a Slimmer Apple Tablet

January 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even before the next generation Apple iPad is inching towards a release date, accessories makers are fast lining up cases that will house the iPad2. Many a maker has been showing off their iPad 2 cases during the past one month, but every product seemed to be run-of-the-mill. We seem to be finally getting a different one that promises to charm.

At the CES 2011 venue, Dexim has brought forth a case, complete with a machined aluminum iPad 2 mock-up inside.  The design is interesting; with Dexim throwing in provisions for a Bluetooth keyboard that has magnetic properties, which will help it stick on to the front cover of the sleeve.

The Dexim case has been tailor-made for iPad 2, according to the company. They even proved that, with a demo by placing the existing iPad inside it. The first generation Apple iPad doesn’t fit inside, hinting that the iPad 2 will be a slimmer version.

The case tapers towards the edge and has a home button placed right close to the bottom edge. The other specs remind us of the other manufacturers’ cases complete with provisions –  like a slot for a bigger speaker –  that are said to have been made with the upcoming iPad 2 in mind.

The cases, including Dexim’s, are already here. We just have to see the iPad 2 roll out now.  Find below a gallery of the images of the Dexim iPad2 case below, as detailed by Engadget.

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