BlackBerry PlayBook Promo Videos Get Online & Showcase Its Multimedia Capabilities

January 5, 2011, By Alex Ion

The up and coming BlackBerry Playbook has made a promotional appearance in two videos that have been released online. We’re not sure if this is just teasing before making an official announcements at this year’s CES in Vegas, regarding availability and pricing, but we can’t complain.

The videos emphasize on the PlayBook’s multimedia capabilities of the browser which comes with Adobe Flash Builder 4 and Flash Builder Burrito support. What does it mean to the average Joe and Jane you ask? The fact that you will be able to enjoy the full capabilities of sites like YouTube and Facebook without having to worry that certain features aren’t active.

On top of that we’re hearing the BlackBerry PlayBook will also allow you to play Flash-based games — which is something the iPad doesn’t feature and probably won’t ever feature unless you hack it, of course.

Rumors have it that the BlackBerry PlayBook will launch soon with a price tag around $500. Guess we’ll have to wait until RIM lays it on us, no?

Check out the videos below:

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