Sprint Novatel MiFi 4082 3G-WiMax Device Image Leaks; Expect a Roll Out on Jan 30, 2011

December 31, 2010, By Leo Xavier

This is something that calls for some kind of excitement.  We guess you remember Sprint passing their Novatel MiFi 4082 through the FCC gates some tie ago. Nothing much had been revealed since then, though we were all waiting to know more on the new innovation.

The latest on that front is that we have stumbled upon an image of Novatel MiFi 4082 device, by way of a leak.

From what the picture reveals, the MiFi 4082 comes about as a device tailor-made for the Sprint 3G/ 4G network.

To come with capabilities that would flaunt WiFi potential, the MiFi 4082 could see the light of the day sometime by end of January 2011. That means we may not have to wait for too long, right?

A leaked Sprint document confirms that the MiFi 4082 will arrive on January 30th.So that could also mean that the device is ready and raring to go.

If that is the case, we won’t be surprised if Sprint or Novatel decides to bring on the device to the CES 2011 podium.

But then, that has not been confirmed as yet. The leaked picture, however, brings about expectations of something good in the offing. We are just waiting for January 2011 to dawn.

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