GMMXIE In & GMMXLE Out: Google Doodle for New Year’s Eve 2011 spreads holiday cheer with a dash of color and fireworks!

December 31, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Loved the Google Doodle that came up this Christmas? We did. It showed the amount of hard work and time that Michael Lopez and his crew put into it. Now is the time for the New Year’s Eve Google doodle and this one may not be as extravagant or wide-spread, but still is lovely in its own way. There is a dash of color in there, some holiday cheer and fireworks that will soon start across the globe- from Sydney to Times Square in New York as we celebrate the New Year’s arrival.

This Doodle reads ‘GMMXIE’ and for those who are left wondering what the hell that means, MMXI is 2011 in roman letters. There will be no doubt a New Year Doodle just round the corner as well and few net giants have captured the ‘seasons and moods’ of the planet like Google have with their unique Doodles. This has already become a tradition in itself!

So where are you celebrating you New Year 2011? Times Square New York or Tokyo, Sydney or San Francisco, London or Las Vegas, Mumbai or Manchester, Rio or Russia, Google wishes to reach out to everyone on New Year Eve!

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