Motorola Honeycomb Tablet to be Called DROID XOOM; Will Not be 4G LTE

December 30, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Remember the word ‘Xoom’? A week ago, we had reported about the fact that Motorola had filed trademark requests for the name Xoom around the world, and we had suggested that it might be the name that will be given to the upcoming Motorola tablet. Now, a latest rumor suggests that the device will be called DROID XOOM.

The new report about the possibility of the new name was posted by the often-reliable Kellen of Droid Life.

But the name is not the only rumor that is spreading. It appears that the device won’t come equipped with a built-in LTE radio. But don’t be disappointed by thinking that the device would not support Verizon’s 4G network.

It seems that the carrier will be selling an optional LTE modem along with the tablet. The modem can be plugged into a PCI express expansion slot found on the tablet.

This is actually a great plan since all the people do not live in the carrier’s 4G coverage area. And most of them will not want to pay the $50-80 monthly fee for 4G data.

But the tablet will be Honeycomb (Android 2.4 most probably), and the 10 inch tablet is expected to come with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 2MP front camera, 5MP back camera, 32GB built-in storage plus an SD card slot.

And we have also got info that Verizon is going to advertise the tablet during the Super Bowl on February 6th and the device will be available by February 14th. The release date looks fine since it is Valentines Day, and that is also the day that the Mobile World Congress opens. At the event, Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be giving a keynote speech.

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