Limited Edition Google Nexus S sold for $843.50: Special Smartphone to come with an army of little Android mascots on the back panel!

December 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Google Nexus S seems to be in hot demand. While we do not yet know about what will happen when the sales take off, there are many out there who really seem to dig the handset. But what we have uncovered is a very special and limited edition Google Nexus S. This one is made for the ultimate Android aficionados as it sports a whole army of Android Mascots on the black back panel. That should really tell the world what favorite mobile OS is!

Well, so what is so special about this Limited Edition Google Nexus S? Did you not read the stuff above? It is the mascot filled back panel. That seems to be about it! You can make it your own by shelling out what will be a good $850 ($843.50 to be very precise). Yeah, that should leave a deep hole in your pocket. But since there are many out there who are all over the place shouting about ‘Anything for Android’, this should be not too much at all!

Negri Electonics is the one selling this limited edition Google Nexus S Smartphone and they are in no way related to either Google or Samsung. We are not even sure who made the mobile. So, would we buy it? Obviously not… But to each his own!

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