Glactus and Taskmaster Leaked for Marvel vs Capcom 3?

December 28, 2010, By Christian Davis

The fan favorite fighting game series, Marvel vs Capcom, seems to have a major leak on their hands. According to fighting site Shoryuken an official comic book tie in to the game which will be illustrated by Kevin Sharpe.

There were preview pages leaked from the comic showing two characters that aren’t officially confirmed yet, Galactus and Taskmaster. Taskmaster was discussed on what was said to be leaked roster a while back. Galactus was hinted as a final boss to the game via Twitter.

Above is the leaked image of the comic book tie in. Sense the leak the image has been removed from the original source. As if that wasn’t suspicious. Kevin Sharpe is denying that he leaked any art on his DeviantArt page. Stating that the link Shoryuken put was to

When Capcom was asked about this leak, the same answer that any company involved with rumors was received: “Capcom does not respond to rumors or speculation.”

Of course not!

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