Nokia N900 gets tasty with Gingerbread added to the mix: Is Nokia & Android a match made in mobile heaven?

December 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Is the match between Nokia and Android something that is destined to happen at sometime in the future for sure? Well, we might never find that happening officially anytime soon, but the fact that the Nokia N900 allows you to run almost any OS on it if you have the know-how, has already allowed people to enjoy the thought of Windows Phone 7 on it. Now it is the turn of Gingerbread to unleash its magic on the N900 and we are no doubt already floored at the prospect of Android and the Nokia merging together; even if it is not all official!

There might be people in the market out there with Android phones who might be wondering how Gingerbread already got on the N900 when their mobiles themselves are still to experience the latest Android OS. That said, the N900 with its processor has allowed hackers to enjoy any OS of their choice, provided they got the skill to get it done.

Speaks volumes about the hardware support that Nokia can dish out and obviously there are many who would be saying that this smooth Gingerbread functioning on the N900 should enable Nokia to see sense and welcome Android on board. But that is unlikely to happen to anytime soon… So keep dreaming guys!!

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