Dell Looking Glass Tablet Passes Through FCC; Will We Get to See it at CES?

December 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We haven’t been hearing much from Dell, save for the Streak tablet that came rolling out of its stables. Some latest info has just been picked off the FCC listing and that concerns much about Dell’s upcoming device. It speaks about a tablet device that could some time soon arrive in the marketplace sporting the Dell branding.

A tablet, uniquely christened Looking Glass has passed through FCC, and from the looks of it, the Dell product seems like a Mobile Internet Device. Or so Dell calls it, that is.

The Looking Glass tablet from Dell has been pasted with a model number that reads M02M. Guys at Wireless Goodness found that the device comes sporting support for GSM 850/1900 bands, as well as WCDMA Bands II, IV and V.

The Mobile Internet Device also comes with support for Bluetooth 2.1, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and SD card. Dell has confirmed these features as it passed the tablet through FCC.

Not many details, other that what we just told you, have been forthcoming. With CES round the bend, Dell could well be looking at unveiling the device there at the event, when it opens in Las Vegas.

Speculations are that the tablet could well hop on to carrier networks of AT&T and T-Mobile when it finally gets going in the US market.

We guess we should wait for CES to open so that we get to see the device for real. Or may be, Dell has plans to make it official earlier than that. Let’s wait to know.

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