XOOM could be the title of Motorola’s 4G LTE Tablet with Honeycomb inside: Motorola seeking trademarks on ‘XOOM’ globally!

December 24, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So what is so important about Motorola going around the globe applying for trademark on one certain name? Well, Motorola is not like Apple or Microsoft and they generally do not bother to apply for trademark on the names they use across the planet in markets that they see and deem as ‘not so important’. Of course, this obviously means that their names are always used by others, but for once Motorola has decided to go the other way. They have applied for trademark on ‘XOOM’ in the US, Canada, Europe, Asian markets that include Taiwan and even New Zealand.

Going by their own ‘we are not too bothered attitude’, this an absolute rare event as they and this is seen as Motorola launching either a major line of products named ‘XOOM’ or a breakthrough product called ‘XOOM’ that the company believes will fetch them truckloads of revenue and will be used decades down the line with advancements. Many feel that this will be what the already known and eagerly-awaited Motorola 4G LTE tablet with Honeycomb will be called!

It is not confirmed and far from it, but experts following Motorola keenly feel that the company have huge hopes pinned on the Android 3.0-based tablet and they are set to market it in a huge fashion. All signs pointing towards an exciting time both for Motorola and more importantly Android fanboys!

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