Steve Jobs named Person of the Year by Financial Times: iPhone 4 & iPad revolution see Apple boss on the top of tech & business world

December 24, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

On this monumental occasion ‘His Jobsness’ has commanded from the high seat on top of his Apple tech-tree to celebrate the festive season each year from now on as ‘Jobasmas’, with Apple presents being exchanged, iPhones being bought, Apple TVs watched and packaging of all these Apple goods used to decorate out windows in a sober, sleek and stylish festive spirit. Yes, he did add the importance of all this being done without ‘jailbreaking’ anything as it would ruin the spirit of Jobsmas!

Well, apart from all the tons of slack he gets on a daily basis (and a bit more today), one must concede that he indeed is fitting for the ‘Person of the Yea’ title awarded by Financial Times; This considering the huge blow away success of the iPad and of course, the increased popularity of the latest iPhone. From being thown out of his job, Jobs has managed to build an empire, consolidate it with huge fiscal gains and now is challenging Microsoft in every sense of the word.

The iPad brought a sorts of ‘tablet revolution’; something that Microsoft tried very hard to do, but failed to achieve. Jobs’ success also shows every firm the importance of proper marketing. Apple sells not just for the technology that it offers but for simple being cool and ‘in’. Apple products have what those in showbiz would call the ‘it factor’.

So our congratulations to the man and hopefully we will see that Verizon iPhone and White iPhone soon… Any news on that yet, Steve?

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