Playstation Phone to be out in stores April 2011: Sony Ericsson plans official launch at Mobile World Congress instead of CES 2011!

December 24, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Sources close to the making of Sony Playstation Phone have indeed confirmed that the Playstation phone will hit stores in April of 2011. The highly anticipated mobile that is expected to bringing gaming revolution to the mobile platform was rumored as one of the reasons for Apple delaying its White iPhone sale as well as making the Verizon iPhone launch official. While the truth in that is yet to be confirmed, it seems now certain that Playstation Phone from Sony will indeed be out for sale come April.

This also comes with the news that it will not be Consumer Electronics Show in early January that will first showcase the Playstation Phone to the world but the mega event will be pushed back to February and is slated for Mobile World Congress. Maybe Sony Ericsson are still putting a few final touches on the PS Phone, maybe they do not want it getting lost in the glitz at CES- ether way a month’s delay should only heighten the hype and expectations.

Now that you have a released date that seems to be set in stone, interested in the Playstation Phone? Let’s see if it appeals to more than just gaming aficionados…

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