Google Android 3.0 all set for a March Release: Rumors indicate that Honeycomb would be out in Q1 of 2011

December 24, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There are many out there who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Honeycomb. The latest in the line of Google Android OS has generated huge amounts of interest not just because it takes things a step ahead, but it is being dubbed as a tablet-specific OS that should bring the very best to tablet users. So when will Android 3.0 be revealed to the world? The news leaking out of Google for now indicates a March release.

That seems about right as there are many tablets, including the much-talked about Motorola $G LTE tablet that will be running on Honeycomb, which are set for an early release next year. The Motorola Tablet will be on display at CES 2011 and with its release date being announced, we will have a lot clearer take on when Honeycomb will be out.

While the exact date is still far from confirmed, Honeycomb will come out in March according to those close to Google. With a summer release being planned for many of the Honeycomb-based tablets, that date seems about right.

Excited about Android 3.0? Are you one of those eagerly waiting for Motorola’s Tablet to hit the stores?

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