RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet to be Delayed Until March 2011

December 17, 2010, By Leo Xavier

We have disappointing news for those of you who are waiting to get your hands on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet from RIM. It appears that the tablet will not arrive until March 2011.

As you already know, Apple is already ahead of all the other companies in the tablet market. And it is expected that the second generation iPad will be most probably announced in the near future.

This is already trouble for RIM, but it appears that RIM could also face a serious setback as the latest info is suggesting that the company will delay the release of its PlayBook.

It was during a recent earnings call with RIM that several executives gave out comments that suggested that the PlayBook tablet will be delayed. The earnings statements stated that the company is expecting to receive income from the PlayBook tablet only after February.

RIM is forecasting revenue of US$5.5 billion to $5.7 billion for its fiscal fourth quarter ending in February, but that will not include revenue from the PlayBook.

The company has said that the first PlayBook will have WiFi connectivity but no built-in cellular connection. So it is expected that the PlayBook will only appeal to a niche of users, just like other products from BlackBerry, which are still fighting against products from Apple.

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