Palm Pixi 2 Smartphone to be Launched Next Month?

December 17, 2010, By Leo Xavier

A latest leak is suggesting that Palm is planning to launch a new smartphone in the coming month. The leak says that this new device will be the “smallest smartphone ever available”.

This latest leaked info allegedly came out during an internal meeting with Todd Bradley of HP’s Personal Systems Group.

There are also other rumors flying around that are suggesting that the company is also set to introduce the Palm Pixi 2, which will be the successor to the Pixi. This upcoming device is said to be headed to the French carrier SFR sometime in the coming month.

We have doubt that this rumored Pixi 2 is the same device referenced in the employee meeting. Could this Palm Pixi 2 be the “smallest smartphone ever”?

During the internal meeting, it was also said that HP will ship a new smartphone once every two months, starting now and continuing throughout the coming year. That info seems to be interesting and it has to be seen whether the company will stick to the webOS platform or Windows Phone 7.

You should know that HP had recently filed several trademarks that were viewed as potential names for upcoming webOS handsets.

HP has not given out confirmation on the matter. But, we believe that the company has plans to introduce the new device at CES 2011. We can wait for that.

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