Nokia E7 slider not to hit stores by this Christmas: Launch moved to 2011 even as Nokia misses the holiday shopping spree!

December 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you are waiting for the Nokia E7 slider, then the wait will have to continue a bit longer and unless you have some very definitive reason to hand on to its release or are a die hard Nokia slider Smartphone fan, we suggest you get out there and buy another nice mobile instead of passing on all the great deals that are on offer this holiday season.

Official announcement is that the E7 will launch in early 2011, instead of the earlier said date of ‘late 2010’. The E7 was supposed to be available for the enthusiastic holiday shoppers in a week or so, but Nokia has pushed back the release blaming it on a hardware durability issue in one of the E7 components.

While it is always good to ensure that all is well with your handset before you actually allow it to hit the store shelves, maybe Nokia should have worried about the hassles before they actually promised a December release. At the rate at which Nokia is going with their smartphone releases, it might be real hard for them to still hold on to consumers in this specific mobile market.

Waiting for the E7 still? Or are you done with Nokia?

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