Avatar 3D Blu-Ray Exclusive to Panasonic till 2012: James Cameroon’s visual spectacle at its very best comes into your living room only with Panasonic!

December 14, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Want to watch Avatar in 3D format on a Blu-Ray disc? Obviously you would think that you can just go out to your favorite DVD shop where “all find DVDs are sold” and get a copy. But somehow that is not the case as Panasonic apparently have exclusive rights to the property till 2012. Yup, another whole year before you can buy one right off the shelf. That seems a pretty strange move by Fox!

But look deeper and maybe there is a lot more sense in selling such exclusivity to a major electronic brand than one would imagine at first glance. Maybe Fox just added up what they thought they could make out of the sales themselves and thought what Panasonic was willing to pay for the exclusive rights might be worth taking. You know, gambling on the safer side of things.

To add to that they can always sell the 3D Blu-Ray Discs after 2012 and still make cash. So that means you will only get one along with a Panasonic TV for now. That of course is the case unless you are willing to shell out a whole fortune for one on eBay. Maybe you can get one on a hot deal one of these days! Either way, Avatar surely is carving out a market niche for itself pretty quickly!

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