Sprint 4G Tablet to be Launched in 2011

December 10, 2010, By Leo Xavier

We have sad news for those of you who have already bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint. Latest info suggests that the carrier will launch a 4G capable tablet next year.

Sprint has offered 4G service since 2008 and since then the carrier has marketed its brand linking it to 4G and the superior service it can provide.

But the latest news will indeed make all the Galaxy Tab owners on Sprint very disappointed. The carrier had introduced the Galaxy Tab in November but the device was only compatible with 3G instead of the faster 4G, unlike the carrier’s two 4G smartphones, the HTC EVO and the Samsung Galaxy S Epic, which can operate on its WiMAX network without any problem.

Paget Alves, Sprint’s President of Business Markets, said in an interview that the carrier has plans to launch the new 4G tablet in 2011. But he did not specify which manufacturer would be making this new tablet, although he hinted that the carrier intends to sell tablets running different operating systems.

So most probably we may not see another Android tablet like the Galaxy Tab. We might see a Windows-based tablet, or a tablet based on RIM’s BlackBerry OS or something based on the webOS operating system.

The carrier expects a number of its tablet buyers to be corporate users who are interested in a lighter and cheaper alternative to a laptop, particularly for using the internet on the go. So the introduction of a new faster 4G tablet will certainly become a success.

So it’s better that you stay away from the Sprint Galaxy Tab for now. We will get more info about the 4G tablet and let you know. So stay tuned.

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