Intel Fab Plant at Oregon to Make 450 mm Chip Wafers

December 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After a bunch of rumors, Intel has at last confirmed that its semiconductor fabrication plants being developed in the Oregon area will focus on bringing out 450-mm chip wafers. The Research and Development wing at Oregon will have special infrastructure and tooling to produce the 450 mm wafer era.

Wafers are thin semiconductor materials used in integrated circuits of devices like smartphones. The Industry has been using 300-mm wafers these days and the transition to 450 mm wafers was on debate.

Now it seems that there is a shift in the market interests which made Intel to confirm that the new plant will go for 450 mm wafers. Mark Bohr, Intel Senior Fellow and Director of Process and Integration, said that ‘some of the equipment vendors are interested in 450-mm wafers’.

The new plant being developed at Oregon will be known as D1X. Expected to start operations by 2013, the fab plant is aiming at manufacturing 450-mm chip wafers despite the high cost.

The 450 mm chip wafers are expected to increase the capacity significantly and are assumed to bring out technological advancements to meet the requirements of future smartphone devices.

Industry reports suggest that many competitors are also making some plans to develop 450 mm fab plants.

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