Chrome OS Notebooks to be Launched by Samsung & Acer in 1H11

December 9, 2010, By Leo Xavier

The flood gates of Chrome OS news has opened recently with the Chrome event. Now more updates are pouring in. Google Taiwan announced its Chrome OS and hinted about the possible vendors for the Chrome notebooks.

The sources said that Acer and Samsung Electronics will be the first in the list to hatch out notebooks running the brand new Chrome OS. They are expected to bring it out to the markets by first half of 2011.

However, they hinted that more players will join the game as the time moves. Though they didn’t give any clear info on the possible partners, HP is expected to be the next vendor to join the list.

Acer is reportedly co-operating with Quanta Computers already as per the grape vine. HP is on co-operative mode with Inventec for production.

But it is not clear what type of processors the Chrome OS machines from these vendors will run. Since Google is cooperating with Intel, the vendors also are expected to use the Intel processors in the Chrome notebooks. However, Google sources made it clear that it will cooperate with ARM also.

Elaborating on Chrome OS, they said that Chrome OS could be adopted by devices like tablet PCs, though it is specifically designed for traditional netbooks and notebooks.

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