BestBuy iPhone 3GS & BlackBerry Torch ‘Free’ Offer Today; Curve 3G Sale Starts on Dec 12

December 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are you ready? BestBuy is kicking off the free give away of the Apple iPhone 3GS this Friday – ah, don’t please think Friday is another day, it’s ‘Today’. The offer is mouth-watering indeed, but then don’t rush to conclusions. Going by what we see on the site,  you can pick the phone for free.

We know you just jumped off your bed when you thought of the free iPhone offer. As we check out at BestBuy online, we see that the device comes for prices so low, with the discounts really luring. The iPhone 3GS will be yours for $99.99 with a two-year contract, though the unsubsidized iPhone costs $499. Hmm, that’s good as free, isn’t it?

On offer is the black hued iPhone 3GS. As you already know, the white version is gearing up for roll out during the spring of 2011.  We stumbled upon info on the free iPhone offer on BestBuy thanks to a tweet by BestBuy_Deals.

It isn’t just the iPhone 3GS that’s on offer. Guys at BGR have found an update which says that BestBuy is also offering the BlackBerry Torch too ‘free’. The difference between the two offers is just that while iPhone 3GS ends by end of day today, the offer on BlackBerry Torch will go on till the end of December. And, that is not all.

You will also be able to pick a Curve 3G for free two days later, that is in December 12. This offer will also run till the end of the month.

We are digging for more on the BestBuy online store, to see what else is on offer. If you are one of those lucky ‘qualified’ customers who will pick up the devices, let us know how you went about it and how you feel about it at the end of it all.

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