Motorola Olympus Tegra 2 Smartphone in Dec or Jan, says AT&T Facebook Page

November 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In an information slip from one of the employees handling the Facebook page of the carrier AT&T, a message was posted about the possible launch date of the much awaited Motorola Olympus. The post which is now removed has been officially described as an erroneous one.

To a question regarding the availability Motorola Olympus on AT&T network, the Facebook response from AT&T read like this- the Motorola Olympus should be available in December or January. Though not perfectly official and now removed, the Facebook message surely hints at an imminent launch of this dual core Tegra 2 powered Android smartphone.

Recently Motorola Olympus was reportedly spotted in the wild. The leaked picture showed the smartphone looking similar to Motorola Defy with a shiny black body. Touted as iPhone Killer, it is expected to feature the yet to be released Gingerbread version of Android. Putting together the spec leaks of this device, it comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS ability.

The official statement from AT&T which puts the response about a December or January launch erroneous does not mean Motorola Olympus will have a delayed launch.

Probably, it means only that they do not want to tell us when they are going to launch Moto Olympus now, especially through a social network response.

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