Google Me Social Network Initiative Launch Delayed; Expect the Service in Spring 2011

November 30, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s secret Facebook killer initiative into the social networking scenario is rumored to have been delayed until 2011 spring. An initiative which was expected to touch the web by the end of 2010 is now heard to be delayed till next year.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently pointed out that Google is building up more social components into existing products, a statement which indirectly says that it is not behind any new social media initiative.

Google believes, at least on record, that this can help build more quality into the searches, giving people more accurately tailored recommendations.

But unofficial sources from the search giant tell that the social networking project named ‘Google Me’ is still on with VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra leading the show.

But tipsters also hint that the progress of the project is trapped in issues of disorganization and internal conflicts between parallel teams working on the project.

Well, we don’t know much about the internal stories of Google.  But the giant is surely worried about Facebook’s recent initiative to provide email to its massive member community- an attempt that can affect Google’s leadership in the cyber world.

So what we can surely expect is that the Google teams will come out with better results soon.

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