Google TV Products to be Rolled Out from Toshiba & Vizio; Expect Them This January!

November 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Come January 2011, and that’s  when CES opens at Las Vegas. This time around the event will have an added significance in the fact that Toshiba and Vizio will be introducing to us their products based on Google’s TV software. The new arrivals will in fact prove to be a shot in the arm for Google which is gearing up to usher in the Web on to TV monitors.

Though both the product companies haven’t come out in the open with their plans, the grapevine has it that this is almost good as confirmed. If you would remember right, three players – Sony, Intel and Logitech – have already started using the Google TV software in their devices. For the record, Blu-ray players from Sony Corp and set-top boxes from Logitech have already put the software into play.

While Toshiba has hinted that Google will be a key partner for TV and is mulling over options for future networked televisions, Vizio has referred to stay quiet on the officially unannounced venture.

Toshiba and Vizio would be among the three companies to out Google TV compatible hardware. Samsung is the other firm in the line up, after Sony, Intel and Logitech had gone public about their Google TV endeavor.

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