Get Creative To Become Sony’s Profile Hero

November 25, 2010, By Alex Ion

Just in time for Christmas, Sony is giving away not just one, but 20 of its flagship ultra-compact camera, the NEX-5. As part of a new photo competition – Profile Hero – hosted on Facebook, Sony will be giving entrants the chance to submit their favorite profile pictures for the chance to get their hands on one of these beauties. Through the site, both friends and strangers can vote up the best pictures for a chance to win.

There are 5 categories which Facebook and Sony fans can enter their profile pics into.

Sports Star: From football and tennis to more extreme sports like bungee jumping or skydiving, the more action-packed the better. Get those dynamic poses just right to be crowned King of the Sports Stars.

Night Owl: Fun-fuelled parties and nocturnal adventures are the name of the game here. If you’re the life and soul of evening entertainment then this is the category for you.

Family Funster: Gather up the whole family for some perfect pictures. Whether they are cute or silly, heart-warming or just full of old-fashioned fun, your family could land you an NEX-5 just by being themselves. So dig out those Thanksgiving photos which show off you and yours.

Portrait Poser: A category for those who aren’t afraid to strut their stuff. Close up and with plenty of confidence, a portrait posing shot could see you to the top of the category table.

World Wanderer: For the well-travelled type who sees the world as their oyster – and a very photogenic oyster at that!

Each category in the competition will have a weekly winner who will scoop up a prize camera each.

The competition runs for 4 weeks and should your Profile Hero submission be the highest ranked photo of the whole competition, the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Rome in Italy will be yours.

What are you waiting for? Get snapping!

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