Apple Black Friday Sales kick off down under in Australia: An indicator of price slash on iPhone 4, iPad & other Apple Products in US tomorrow?

November 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Did you mark out November 26 on your calendar as Apple’s top boss asked you to and are you waiting for the big day to arrive when Apple themselves will be giving out their products on a discount? Well, with less than 24 hours to go for that, we have a very early indicator of what we could expect from Apple come tomorrow. That is right; we are telling you what Apple products will be on discount and to what extent the prices are going to be slashed. This is kind of mixed news as going by the ‘already on’, one-day only discount at the Apple Store in Australia provides the world with the first look at what we can expect.

Let us give the unsurprising yet disappointing news right up front. Do not expect the price of the iPhone to be slashed at all. Yes, our ‘Stevie’ is not in a mood that is jolly enough to cut down the price of iPhone 4 (yeah, that should teach you not to go around ‘jailbreaking’ his stuff). The Apple Australia site offers discount on everything Apple except the iPhone (and considering how hot it is, it makes perfect business sense).

But the MacBook lineup gets plenty of love with prices cut down to please everyone. You get an A$ 121 discount on the Air, so it would not be unrealistic to expect the same here in US. But the iPad and iPod Touch are available for A$ 51 less and even the iPod Nano gets an A$ 25 price slash. So, now that you know what to expect get ready for the big sale tomorrow. Hopefully we will get even better deals here in the US!!

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