Angry Birds Ham ‘Em High with 15 new levels & the Mighty Eagle coming out to give you a new bird flinging high: Rovio gives you level busting can of sardines!

November 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Addicted to Angry Birds? Cannot wait till the New Year comes along to get another update of the Angry Birds? Rovio has just offered you a little something that should keep you happy till then. With the very first look at the ‘Mighty Eagle’ that will break out and unlock levels for you, the Pigs have a whole new level of offence to deal with. And it seems that they have already given up against this hunter soaring in from the high skies! That is what will be the latest update from Rovio and you can expect this Angry Birds update to come within a few days.

Along with the Mighty Eagle will also come 15 new levels in the Ham ‘em High episode. There will be a can of sardines that you can use once each hour o bring out the Mighty Eagle so that you can get out of the level you are stuck at. The mighty eagle update comes as an in-app purchase for 59p. So now every time you think you are stuck, all you need to do is go to the can of sardines!

There will also be new gameplay goals such as trying to fill up the destruction gauge on levels that you’ve already completed. So with our first look at the ‘Mighty Eagle’ we just cannot wait to try out the update as soon as it is out. What about you?

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