Mark Wahlberg will be Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie

November 24, 2010, By Christian Davis

A nice surprise for movie fans today. Mark Wahlberg will be playing Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. MTV got the inside scoop on the film.

“Hopefully we’ll be making that movie this summer,” actor Mark Wahlberg tells MTV, talking about the Uncharted movie he’s planning with writer/director David O. Russell.

As previously stated, Wahlberg will be Nathan Drake but his father will be played by the one and only Robert DeNiro. In an interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Wahlberg stated that David O. Russell’s once rumored script is being written with roles with the classic pairing of Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci.

What’s the role of Joe Pesci? He will be playing Nathan Drake’s Uncle in the film. If you’ve played the games, then you’d know that Nathan Drake’s father and uncle are not in the games, but it’s a movie and they usually ad some sort of side characters. Not necessarily a bad thing since the Casino and Raging Bull Duo are going to be playing them.

Here’s a short video of the interview below. And if you get confused, “Bob” is DeNiro.

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