Fallout: New Vegas Tops NPD Charts for October

November 24, 2010, By Christian Davis

Bethesda has a great habit of making top selling games.  This October, they have topped the NPD charts for the best selling console game and best selling PC title.

NPD reports that  robust sales of Fallout: New Vegas made it the highest grossing title in October, measured by dollars, across all platforms.

“We recognize that there are many high-quality games that come out during this time of year,” said Vlatko Andonov. “We couldn’t be more pleased at how well the game has been received and we want to thank our fans for their overwhelming support of the game.”

With the game selling so well, you can expect the games upcoming Dead Money Downloadable Content will be one of the best selling this year. Available exclusively to Xbox 360 owners on December 21st, Dead Money will have you will have you working with three other wastelanders as you all try to find the legendary treasure of  the Sierra Madre Casino.

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