Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer experience will be never charged: Activision puts an end to the rumors

November 24, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There have been plenty of rumors doing rounds that Activision might start charging the online multiplayer experience that comes attached with Call of Duty Games. With many CoD fans engrossed in the latest edition of the game in the form of the hugely anticipated ‘Black Ops’, if something of that nature did happen, then it would have been a huge dampener for all those who are enjoying the experience. Well, Activision has come out and once in for all put those fears to rest.

There will be absolutely nothing charged for the currently free online multiplayer experience of Black Ops. Activision has promised that not only with this be the case with the current Black Ops, but they will never look at the prospect of charging for multiplayer feature; Pretty sensible and a welcome announcement that clears a few things up for everyone.

What is nice to see how categorically Activision has put it by saying that the online multiplayer is an integral part of the Black Ops experience- something you pay for when you buy your copy. They have clearly stated that they are not looking to ‘monetize this aspect of the game’. Something really pleasant to the ears in a time and age when even the most remotely useless stuff is ‘monetized’!

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