AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9780 Unlocked Version at eBay for $899

November 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are the one who loves bold smartphones, especially from RIM, we have some hot news for you. RIM’s new BlackBerry Bold 9780 has made a surprise appearance in its unlocked version at eBay.

The T-mobile users already know that the BlackBerry Bold 9780 had landed on their network last week. But somebody has put an unlocked version of the device with an AT&T logo for sale at eBay. Well, T-Mobile asks $129.99 for this device with a two year contract, but the guy on eBay has put the unlocked version for $899.

The Bold 9780 comes with virtually double the memory of its predecessor model. Equipped with the BlackBerry OS 6, it comes 3G enabled, with international capability. Other features include a full QWERTY keyboard, speaker phones, stereo Bluetooth connectivity, etc. The 5MP camera is also worth notice for its high quality photos and video capture capacity.

You will like to check out a clip from YouTube that shows a hands-on video of the BlackBerry 9780 with AT&T logo. It seems that AT&T is not wasting any time getting its hands on the latest Bold as well. However, the owner of the single BlackBerry 9780 unlocked version on AT&T ever spotted yet says that the carrier intends to make the device available on its outlets only by next year.

Check out the hands-on video and you can comment below.

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