Verizon Unveils Fast Internet Service on FiOS at 150/35 Mbps

November 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever felt like your home internet connection is crawling? Ever cursed the drab download time? Then stop for a while, Verizon has announced the fastest mass-market broadband service in the US. The 150/35 Mbps internet service, is presently available to the more than 12.5 million home users of Verizon’s all-fiber-optic FiOS network. The new service will be soon available to small-business customers at the FiOS network.

The new fast internet speed, as per company claims, is capable of downloading a two-hour, standard definition movie of 1.5 GB in less than 80 seconds. Based on Verizon estimates, a two-hour HD movie of 5 GB will take less than four and a half minute to complete download at this speed.

Photos are everybody’s favorite. To download 20 high-resolution photos of a total size of 100 MB, the 150/35 Mbps connection will take less than five and a half second. The connection promises 35 Mbps upload speed taking less than 23 seconds to upload 20 high-resolution photos.

But it’s not just for the direct downloading and uploading business. Verizon has introduced such faster connection for people who use bandwidth intensive applications like Internet Video, 3D gaming, real-time video conferencing, online data backup and the lot.

Sold as a stand-alone service, with a starting price of $194.99 a month needs a one year service agreement and Verizon wire line voice service also.

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