Verizon LTE 4G network is set for launch this December: Does this guarantee the Verizon iPhone for CES?

November 23, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Verizon 4G LTE network seems to be coming a lot earlier than what we initially anticipated. While Verizon has not in any way announced it in a huge official press release, those who did pay closer attention to their LTE 4G ad clip have already seen the fact that the 4G LTE Network would indeed be out this December. So while many are hoping that the official press release and further details will come out in early or mid December 2010, it is the month after that which could really stir up things.

There are a million rumors going around about when the Verizon iPhone would be hitting stores. While nothing is confirmed yet from Apple and Verizon, rumors, potential hints and plenty of reading between the lines have been flying around for months now. But with the latest 4G LTE date as good as confirmed, can we see the Verizon iPhone at CES 2011?

Verizon did promise to launch six 4G LTE handsets at the event and while the line-up is being kept under the wraps, if one of the six handsets is indeed the Verizon iPhone, they will surely end up stealing the show ate CES early next year. There are plenty of pointers indicating the inevitable release of the Verizon iPhone. It is now just a matter of when and we are sure hoping it is sooner than later!

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