Samsung Nexus S Leaked; Curvy Design Out in the Open

November 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nexus S has again given a peek to those who wait impatiently for the imminent launch of this Samsung device. This time, it is through a public photo stream, in Picasa. The picture is rumored to be from the photo stream of a Google employ, which means fully set Samsung Nexus S devices are out there.

The leaked picture which is now taking its rounds through the tech blogs shows the side angle view of the upcoming Nexus S, revealing how much curvy it is in its design. The leak is almost surely showing the real Nexus S since the device in the picture closely resembles what Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed the world off during the last webOS 2.0 summit.

The leak confirms the fact that the device is out there in the field all set and so may be almost ready for a launch. The exceptionally thin phone -may be similar to iPhone4 in its thickness- is expected to sport Gingerbread, the latest Android OS which is yet to be released.

Though the picture with the recent leak is not very clear to get more details, earlier leaks, especially with the show off at webOS 2.0, hint that it has a slightly concave profile. It is rumored to have an AMOLED screen with volume buttons on the left side.

This Gingerbread powered device is said to have an interesting animation when you switch it on or off.

However, with the recent leak, we were not able to confirm all these details from the earlier leaks, except that the rig is really curvy. May be we can expect it soon along with the imminent Android 2.3 launch in the coming weeks.

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