Axl Rose Takes Activision to Court

November 23, 2010, By Christian Davis

The singer of the famous Guns N’ Roses is quite upset that guitarist Slash and song “Welcome to the Jungle” appeared in Guitar Hero 3. He’s so upset that he’s taking them to court for $20 million dollars.

According to the complaint Rose’s issue is specifically with the use of former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash as an in-game avatar. The court documents state:

“Is careful not to license any use of the band’s name and intellectual property that would further perpetuate the confusion in the public mind between Slash and Guns N’ Roses.”

It further explains that Activision was “keenly aware” of Rose’s concerns regarding the association of Slash with the band. He goes on further to state that Activision “began spinning a web of lies and deception to concel its true intentions” to feature both Slash and his new band, Velvet Revolver, in the game.

According to Rose, Activision said that no images of former Guns N’ Roses members would be in the game and that the song “would not be used in any way that would indicate an association between Slash and Guns N’ Roses or promote Slash’s separate and post-Guns N’ Roses interests.”

Several times during the year, Activision representatives continued to reassure Rose that Velvet Revolver and Slash would not appear in Guitar Hero 3.

If you’ve played the game or have seen any of the advertisements for it, you’d know that Slash was used heavily as well as Velvet Revolver’s song. Slash was the only member of the band that was featured in the game and he was even on the games box art.

On February 14th, 2010 Activision’s Tim Riley approached Rose “in tears” to apologize “for the way in which Rose and Guns N’ Roses had been mistreated by Activision.” Allegedly, he said “I can’t sleep at night” while begging for forgiveness.

Axl Rose is claiming fraud, unjust enrichment of the suit, and breach of contract.

It’s not looking too good for Activision.

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