Apple Online Store Lines Up One Day Shopping Event for Black Friday

November 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every one out there is out with their deals for the Black Friday. Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, for that matter all retail chains have come out with really competing deals for attracting you to their shops on this Black Friday. This time Apple too jumping on to the Black Friday bandwagon.

If you are really serious about getting good stuff at real stunning offers, we say, you will have to get it straight from the manufacturer when it comes to gadgets. Well, may be for this reason, Apple has hinted about their possible Black Friday plans this time too. A notice that appeared on Apple’s website possibly point at their Black Friday offers, which they will be breaking on Nov 26th only.

In a call to wrap up any Apple device on the special one- day -Apple –shopping- event on Friday, the 26th of November, Apple says they are giving an exciting chance for the customers to find dozens of iPad, iPhone, iPod and other Apple gifts for your loved ones.

Well, Apple devices are always rocking ones, so we may expect them more rocking with the yet to be revealed offers waiting at Apple stores.

This is the same way Apple did it last year also -a short notice in advance and stunning offers at the stores later. So we may expect it this time too. Last time the offer was available both at their retail outlets and at Apple Stores online.

But we are not yet sure if they are giving the offer at their retail outlets this time too. Well, we will confirm it and let you people know. If possible we will try getting some peep holes to their secret offers also. By the time head to Apple stores online and make better ideas for Nov 26th.

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