How to Use Windows Live Photo Gallery

November 19, 2010, By Christian Cawley

With Windows Live Photo Gallery you can view, edit and find images on your PC for sharing and emailing to friends and family.

Available as part of Windows Live Essentials, this excellent app is probably the best image management tool Microsoft has produced for Windows yet. To download this application, visit – once the installer is downloaded you will be able to install this and other applications that form part of the Windows Live Essentials.

Once installed, Windows Live Photo Gallery – effectively a Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 7 – will check all of your usual libraries for images and prepare them for viewing.

Navigating Windows Live Photo Gallery

If you’re looking for a specific image, you should use the Find tab to search for images either via name (using the Text search) or by Date taken, the tags or rating that have been applied or even the Media type. You can also look for images that have been edited.

Meanwhile all images and folders can be found via the left-hand navigation pane which is organised as a series of parent and child folders, much like the Windows Explorer folder view. When a folder is selected, its contents are displayed in the main viewer area.

Basic Image Editing in Windows Live Photo Gallery

Various basic image editing tools are available in Windows Live Photo Gallery, particularly on the Home tab where you can sort out problems with image orientation via the Rotate left and Rotate right buttons. You can also Copy and Delete images from the Manage section.

A Quick Find section will help with navigation on the Home tab, while you can also People tag images individually or in bulk with Batch tag.

It is on the Edit tab where the real image editing begins, however, beginning with the Properties section where you can Rename, Resize and Adjust time on your images.

Adjustments and Effects

If your images require further enhancement beyond rotating and resizing, the Quick adjustments section will let you Straighten images as well as get rid of small dots and glitches with the Noise reduction tool. Colour and Exposure can also be altered, either automatically or by choosing from a selection of programmed settings.

Some basic effects are also available in Windows Live Photo Gallery, allowing you to apply coloured filters to your images. These might be sepia or black and white, or more unusual tones like orange or cyan.

Any changes you make to your images can be undone, however, using the Revert to original tool.

Sharing Windows Live Photo Gallery Images

Finally, you can share images in Windows Live Photo Gallery either by email or a selection of popular online services.

In the Create tab, use the Share section to access the Photo email option – choose Send photo email or Send photos as attachments to have the application create an email with the selected images in it.

Meanwhile the Publish section will let you share your images via your Windows Live SkyDrive (where they must first be uploaded to), Facebook, Flickr, your Windows Live groups and even YouTube!

How to Use Windows Live Photo Gallery
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