Amazon UK Black Friday Special Event to Baffle Customers With Overwhelming Discounts for the Very First Time

November 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

Black Friday is a time when even the most unlikely shoppers in the US find time to buy something for themselves, as the craziest of deals are on offer around this time of the year. Just to reflect on the amount of money spent on shopping in the US during Black Friday last year, shoppers reportedly spent more than 10 billion US dollars and if you forgot, the economy was plagued by recession, cost-cutting and unemployment. With the economy improving, we can only expect more money to be spent on shopping by the Americans, come Black Friday 2010.

Amazon UK is in the mood to repeat the US Black Friday like phenomenon in UK and it is launching a Black Friday event for the first time this year. Amazon UK is promising deals including £1 newly-released CDs and heavy reductions on popular games consoles as well.

As per spokesman Brian McBride:

“For many years, shoppers on the other side of the Atlantic have benefited from massive savings offered by retailers around Black Friday, and customers in the UK will now be able to enjoy that same experience.”

Interestingly, Amazon UK Black Friday event comes amid retailer nervousness and shaky consumer confidence, albeit figures do reflect that spending in the UK has picked up last month.

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