Samsung 1.8mm-thick 10.1-inch LCD Panel in the Works; Prototype Showcased

November 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are looking at the picture alongside, we bet you are kind of floored by what you see. We think there is something amazing about  this prototype that Samsung has  made. The prototype sports a 10.1-inch panel on a 1.8-mm thick LCD device. You can find it showcased at the FPD International.

If you go dissecting further, the device that looks like a 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab may be found to be ultra thin  –  the panel is 0.44mm in thickness and 28g in weight if you exclude the backlight unit and weigh it.

Features that have leaked out don’t seem to be bad at all, considering that the pixel count, brightness and contrast ratio of the panel are 1,024 x 600, 250cd/m2 and 1,000:1. Further, the upcoming device also boasts of a 50% color gamut on NTSC standards.

Going by what we see this prototype would be something we would want in our hands when it  commercially launches. Though not many details – particularly on the release date or the pricing factor – are yet to be revealed, we expect the innovation to commercially roll out in another 2-3 years time.

In the meantime, Samsung might let out some more details on the panel that is in the works. By the way, we think this is going to be something when it finally debuts. Would you go for it if it gets a release date some time in  the next two years?

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