Vote for Collectors Edition Item in Batman: Arkham City

November 4, 2010, By Christian Davis

This is something that should be featured with future Collectors Editions games. Developers of the greatest Batman game of all time, Rocksteady, are letting the fans decide on what item they want in their Collectors Editions of Batman: Arkham City.

There are five options present and all are definitely worth voting for. In the polls we have:

  • The Joker Statue
  • Catwoman Statue
  • Catwoman Googles
  • Batman Utility Belt(my personal favorite)
  • Two-Face Coin

There aren’t any images or any idea of how big the items will be, but if they have a Utility Belt that I can actually wear, I’ll buy two. Head over to the Batman: Arkham City Official Facebook Page and vote for what you what item you want.  Rocksteady is giving you a chance to choose so don’t miss out or you could ruin my chance of getting that Batman Utility Belt.

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