EA’s Medal of Honor Clean Sweep and Hot Zone Modes Now Available

November 4, 2010, By Christian Davis

The latest Medal of Honor title has two brand new multiplayer modes for gamers to play day and night. Electronic Art and DICE have created one of the many blockbuster titles that have released this year and they aim to keep that game going with some great Downloadble Content.The two new modes are Clean Sweep and Hot Zone.

Clean Sweep is a free* multiplayer elimination mode where players must rely on their own skills and teammates’ expertise to prevail as the winning team. This exhilarating mode is playable across two all-new maps called Bagram Hanger and Khyler Caves as well as redesigned versions of Shaikhot Base and Helmand Valley Base

Hot Zone is a multiplayer mode that features “King of the Hill” gameplay where teams fight over a designated location on a map; the team who holds their position longest prevails. This adrenaline-fueled mode is playable across two all-new maps called Hindukush Pass and Korengal Outpost as well as redesigned versions of the popular Shahikot Mountains and Helmand Valley maps. Hot Zone will be available via Xbox LIVE™ Marketplace for 800 MS points, on PlayStation®Network for $9.99USD and on PC exclusively via the EA Store™ for $9.99USD.

In addition to the new modes, we’ve also received information on a contest and game with developers night.

You are given the opportunity to play with the games developers on November 6th for the Xbox 360 between 1 and 4 pm Pacific Standard time and November 7th between 1 and 4 pm Pacific Standard time on the Playstation 3. For more infromation head over to MedalofHonor.com.

The contest that EA is holding requires you to jump into the new Hot Zone mode and you’re automatically entered in the contest. One of the prizes is a Medal of Honor skinned Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Click here for more information.

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