Philips Econova LED TV is all Green; Recycled Aluminum Used in its Design (Video)

October 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Televisions are increasingly going green. Philips’ new offering comes in the form of a device called Econova LED TV and boasts of a design made out of recycled aluminum. The Philips Econova LED TV needs just 40W when switched on in eco mode and goes to 0W mode when switched off.

The 42-inch screen looks alluring to say the least, and has solar power options when it comes to a unique remote control that comes along with the set.  Now, that is quite interesting, as we are only beginning to get to see such stuff in our living rooms. The Philips Econova LED TV is available in Europe.

Running sans batteries whatsoever, the solar remote comes with capabilities to stay alive for long hours on a single charge. However, the Philips solar remote looks like it won’t have multi-device control capabilities.

Would you go for it? Oh yes, before you decide on buying one, make sure you have space for the TV near the window where some sunlight trickles in.

Watch a video here:

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