Call of Duty Black Ops: Will PS3 Version have Multiplayer split-screen on offer?

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

First it was all about quickscoping and did that generate one heck of a reaction from everyone around! Some wanted it, PC gamers believed that it was a skill and many came out saying that it was no skill at all. The jury is still out on that and if Call of Duty: Black Ops not allowing quickscoping has lost it potential sales. (Not that it is doing badly with all those pre-order sale records being set). Now there is a new uncertainty that is doing rounds. Will Call of Duty: Black Ops allow multiplayer split-screen mode for PS3?

The news that we have is that while Josh Olin did tell say on the Playstation US Blog that multiplayer split-screen is on offer for PS3 users as well, there are reports now coming out that he retracted the statement and PS3 will not support the feature. The speculation if true, would be a huge let down for those with PS3s at their home while Xbox 360 users will still enjoy the feature.

The problem here is not Sony or PS3 though, as the console can indeed support multiplayer split-screen. So, if PS3 is not getting one, then the blame squarely lies on Treyarch. We still need a final confirmation one way or another on this, but the question still remains; why is Treyarch making such controversial announcements so close to the release date? Maybe because you have already pre-ordered it and hence your money is in their pockets!!

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