Call of Duty Black Ops: Little-known details revealed by Treyarch include custom games editor, multiplayer & regional matchmaking

October 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Josh Olin was out on the Sony Playstation US blog to detail a bit on the ‘lesser-known’ details of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The whole thing turned out to be not just fun but also a tad bit controversial. We will get to the controversy part later, but delving into what Olin has spoken about, one finds details regarding custom game editor, multiplayer option and regional matchmaking among many more.

The custom game editor for private matches will be more to your liking than ever before. The new customization allows you not just to control the superficial features such as Time Limit and Score Limit, but you can even chose and pick types of weapons and gear available for the game. There will also be an in-built friends list that will allow you to browse Recent Players, Friends, Recent Games, Combat Records and much more along with sending invites easily.

There will be regional matchmaking filters on a global scale which will help you specify the location and group you wish to pick. There is also greater party privacy with you controlling who can enter the game at any point of time.

The best news though seems to be that your Emblem WILL NOT reset once you make it to Prestige. As far as the multiplayer split-screen goes- It is very much there for Xbox users, but is it definitely available for PS3 users? We are still digging on that!

Apparently Olin initially said that it was available for PS3 and then retracted. Stay tuned for more on that…

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