Apple White iPhone 4 Info Disappears from Online Store! Is it Gone Forever?

October 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well this is interesting! We have been hearing lots about the Apple White iPhone 4, with the latest buzz being that the device has been delayed until Spring 2011. Even as the postponement news gets confirmed, we also get to hear that the device is being scrapped altogether.

We just wish that’s not true.  What surprises us is that Apple has yanked the little information about the White iPhone  4 they had put up on the company website .

Look further and you wouldn’t be able to find even bits and pieces of info on the device on Apple’s primary ordering page for the iPhone 4 in all localizations of its online store. If you remember, Apple’s online store had earlier listed out details of the white as well as black iPhone 4.

There was some text under the image of the white model stating that the device would not be available for ordering or in-store pickup.

Does that mean its gone forever? May be not, as the Apple iPhone 4 image gallery continues to display an image of the White iPhone 4.  Let’s wait and see where all this is leading us to.

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