Forward International Calls to Skype

October 21, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Using Skype on your mobile phone or computer gives you a great advantage in telephony terms, allowing you to save money on phone bills, at almost any location and make calls to pretty much anyone in the world (except your emergency services and certain premium rate telephone numbers).

However it is almost impossible to receive incoming calls from anyone other than your Skype contacts – unless you purchase a telephone number that can be forwarded to your Skype account.

This is a particularly useful idea to anyone conducting business via Skype or their PC; perhaps you are a home based entrepreneur, or a writer. By purchasing such a phone number, you can improve your public image and receive calls direct to your Skype account from anywhere in the world.

How to Forward Calls to Skype

By purchasing a telephone number, you can then use it to forward calls to Skype. There are a number of suitable sites – we’re going to use as the example here.

SendMyCall provide an easy 3 step system to signing up on their home page; simply select a country and city location for your virtual number, select a forward destination (for the purposes of this tutorial choose Skype; however regular phones and Google Talk can also be selected) and your Skype account name.

Different types of phone number have a different fee; a United Kingdom national rate 0870 number will cost $5.00 per month with a £5.00 setup charge, while a number in Peru would cost $10.00.

To purchase your virtual telephone number, click the Registration button to sign up. Here you must submit personal details to proceed, and then pay by credit card.

If you are based in the UK and the majority of your clients are based in the USA, providing a telephone number for a location in America will reduce your customers’ phone costs, making it much more cost effective for them to call you!

With your number selected, all calls to it will automatically be forwarded to Skype!

Get Your International Numbers for Free!

You might choose an alternative to – an alternative in this quite busy sector is who are currently offering a free USA telephone number. They also making it even easier to manage your call forwarding in one place by offering not just Skype and Google Talk as forwarding options but also Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo!, landlines, PBX and even Fax machines. also offers a full month of free use so that you can try all of their features and decide whether you like the service before signing up!

How to Use Your Forwarded international Telephone Numbers

Signing up with or is only the first step – you need to inform your customers that you will be available via your new number and that it will cost them very little.

You might do this by updating your email signature, business card and website details, as well as making sure you have voicemail setup – you won’t want to miss any important phone calls!

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