Killzone 3 Beta Keys to be Available Over Twitter, Sony Confirms Twitter Handouts

October 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

We’ve discussed Killzone 3 quite a number of times, be it about its public beta release for PlayStation Plus members or its purported launch date of Feb 22, 2011. And today, it’s time to discuss about the availability of its beta keys which will be handed out via Twitter, as per an official announcement from Sony on the Killzone 3 website.

Twitter is surely an attractive base when it comes to rendering the beta keys handouts for free using a social networking platform and Sony is in the mood to use the Twitter fame. All you will need to ensure is that you have a Twitter account and you regularly follow killzonedotcom.

The discretion of picking the free beta keys receivers will lie with Sony as it will randomly pick a total of 150 people from the US and an equal number of Twitter users from Europe to receive beta keys. The winners of these beta keys will be notified about their free prize via email on October 25, the same day when the public beta goes live on Play Station Plus.

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