Samsung Galaxy Tablet Invades Russia Today, Unlocked Version Fetching an Astounding $1,228

October 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

Samsung Galaxy Android OS powered tablet is already on sale in Germany and today (5pm Russian Time), Russia will become the second country on the planet to have it on sale officially. The problem is that people will not be waiting in long queues to welcome the Galaxy Tablet as it is fittingly priced only for the Russian riches who can afford to pay a nerve-racking amount of 36,990 rubles for the unlocked version of this tablet.

Just to simplify things for you, this sum of rubles converted to USD will amount to a whopping $1,228. Russia’s second biggest mobile phone retailer, Svyaznoy, will be the exclusive Carrier to sell this tablet in the country and apparently, this Carrier isn’t offering any kind of rebates to bring down the price.

The only advantage for Russian buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet will be the fact that they can use the tablet as a telephone. Ironically, this feature of the Galaxy Tablet will be available in every country minus the United States, the reason for which isn’t very clear.

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