Nokia N8 Vs HTC HD7: Putting away the specs, prices and features; which is better to sport?

October 15, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We know that Nokia has some huge fan following across the globe; especially in Asia and Europe. HTC has its own strong hold too with the US and Europe markets. We do know that the HTD HD7 and Nokia N8 are pretty different when you analyze them in detail and get down to what lies on the inside, features, specs and performance. Their prices will not be too similar either. But we are prepared to put all that away. When it comes to sheer ability to turn heads, do we have a winner?

The HTC HD7 sports a large 4.3-inch display screen while the Nokia N8 comes with a more modest size of 3.5-inch display screen. That of course does not mean the N8 immediately pales in comparison. But it is the styling of the HTC handset, with its sexy curve from the side that does the trick along with the huge screen. The N8’s more traditional and solid look gives it sturdiness but not too much style.

Yes, we do know that mobile phones are not bought on how good they look in a photo alone. But when you walk into a party sporting one you want it to grab some attention for you. People only pick something up if it looks good in the first place. In that sense we declare the HTC HD7 the winner in the war of being the ‘show-stopper at initial gaze’. (But, that in no way means it is better than the N8 or that we recommend HTC HD7 over N8.)

What do you think? Disagree?

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